Dreamlink T2 Prime

What is Dreamlink T2 Prime?

Introducing the new Dreamlink T2 Prime IPTV set-top box. Dreamlink T2 Prime is a new Android box that uses the operative system Nougat 7.1.  What distinguishes Dreamlink T2 Prime from other Premium IPTV Android boxes is the way it is built.  Dreamlink is the only Family of STBs in the market that uses the latest technology in Ram Memory.  We are talking about DDR4 memory, If you compare DDR4 memory VS DDR3 you will see the difference.

 Dreamlink T2 Prime uses the latest technology, DDR4 Premium Samsung Ram Memory. While  DDR3 RAM can only hit transfer data rates between 800MT/s (MT/s means Millions of Transfers per Second) and 2133MT/s,  DDR4 RAM can transfer data at a rate between 2133MT/s and 4266MT/s.  The increased speed means an overall increase in bandwidth which translates in smooth operation, a high-resolution picture without freezing and wide management of data.

That means Dreamlink T2 Prime is faster even having less Ram Memory that other boxes boasting bigger size Ram memory due to the fact all others use DDR3. In fact, we are proud to admit Dream links are the only IPTV set-top boxes using the DDR4 Premium Samsung Ram Memory.  Some criticize us because of the higher cost of our boxes but hey! You get what you are paying for.

dreamlink prime


This device is using the Android OS which means you can use all apps that have been released for the Android OS. 
These apps are available here with installation guide at:

-> How to install IPTV on Android

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Dreamlink Prime

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