TVIP S-Box mediacenters v.422 and v.425

What is TVIP S-Box mediacenters v.422 and v.425?

With the TVIP S – Box v.410 console is the latest development of TVIP can be packed away in the richest in technical possibilities. This product meets all asked from broadband requirements. To Mention That The End Has An Unsurpassed comfortable to use. The TVIP S Pull Box v.410 console meets all modern requirements a multimedia device, including the support of streaming media, video on demand (VOD), playback of digital channels in a high quality, as well as access to the OTT content (youtube, Picasa, online entertainment, weather forecast, social networking, and others) and even includes a Web browser.



This device is using the Android OS which means you can use all apps that have been released for the Android OS. 
These apps are available here with installation guide at:

-> How to install IPTV on Android

You can also install IPTV on this device via How to setup IPTV on TVIP Box  article. This method works very similarly with the MAG boxes and the device will emulate a MAG interface which will need a portal address to work.


Powerful CPU

TVIP media centers always include modern SoC with powerful multi-core CPU, that allows your customers to enjoy all modern multimedia applications, that not only developed today, but that will be developed in the next couple of years.

Amlogic S805 is an energy-efficient SoC with quad-core CPU that provides excellent video and audio quality

Amlogic S905 makes STB much more powerful and allows 4K video playback with HDR technology.

USB support

All TVIP S-Box support USB-host connection.
You can connect flash drives, HDD, keyboards and wireless remotes. Video or music directly from an external hard drive or flash card will be a great addition to your service.

TVIP S-BOX supports AVI, MKV, MP4 and many other media formats. It also supports multichannel audio and subtitles.

High-quality WiFi

There different options for almost all media centers:

  • WiFi 2,4 GHz
  • WiFi 2,4/5 GHz 

Learning remote control

Simple and reliable. Durable plastic and soft rubber buttons.

Setup is quick and easy. Remote supports learning function for TV control. Learning setup does not reset after a battery change.

Product is certified 

TVIP S-Box meets the strict safety requirements and compatibility with other devices.


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