Smart IPTV application Problems

Smart IPTV (SIPTV) is one of the most popular application which use to bring IPTV channels to Smart TVs.
But recently this application does not present in Smart TVs and also the old users of SIPTV face many problems lately.
The following are some tips to solve issue with Smart IPTV app.

First of all you need to check your M3U url, if it’s working fine or not.
Check M3U url.

Connections Failed Problem:

If you meet connection Failed problem of channels or lose the list with this error message “Check Playlist URL!
Please follow these Steps:

1- If you can download the APK file of SIPTV application try to reinstall it. Install SIPTV in Samsung Smart TV

2- Generate a new password for M3U url and reset your playlist on SIPTV website.

3- Reload new updated M3U in .

Setup IPTV in Smart IPTV app.

Some Important tips:

  • Use dynamic M3U Url and do not use static M3U downloaded file.
    This way you will always have all new updates of url.
  • Try TS format of M3U url  instead of HLS format. What is M3U list?
  • Remove some bouquets from the M3U url and reduce the number of channels, this can be useful for some devices with low memory storage.
  • Power off the Smart tv for minutes to clear browser cache.

After doing the above steps If still have issue please try other applications for Smart TVs:

Smart STB
Setup IPTV on Smart STB
IPTV Smarters
Setup IPTV on IPTV Smarters

It is obvious that the problem is from SIPTV application side and better to try with other IPTV apps.

How to update SIPTV app

Take a close look on SIPTV app icon on your applications list. If you notice a blue upward arrow next to Smart IPTV App then an update is available. You can go to your Smart TV’s application store, search for SIPTV app and once you find the download page, you can click on update and download the latest version. 
How to install SIPTV app in Smart TV?

Please note, in order to update the SIPTV app to the latest version, you must first update your Smart TV’s operating system. For further details please visit your TV manual.

If you think need further help, feel free to discuss it with us in the comments section down below. 

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  1. Bonjour
    Mon est que le message « toublementshooting.tirs » s affiché et que je ne sais quoi faire
    Merci de me repondre

  2. Quiero saber si mi televisor fue bloqueado por iptv Smartone porque mi proveedor de servicios me activa y no funciona la aplicación. ninguna de iptv gracias por la atención prestada.

    1. Please try to reload your m3u url in Smart IPTV website once again.
      If didn’t help try to re install your app once.

  3. I am having a problem getting channels through IPTV. It is installed properly on my Fire TV stick but I keep getting failed connections.

  4. La aplicación se abre y aparece el listado completo de canales, pero cuando accedes a cualquiera de ellos no carga ninguno y la pantalla permanece en negro.

  5. Hello i hope you can help me, i have the Smart IPTV App on LG TV. I have a link that i played on my MAC and it worked since October till 1 week ago, but now it doesn’t, i tested the link on other TV’s with the same Link and it worked. I wrote an email on the support of Smart IPTV ([email protected]) but no response. Can you help me please??

  6. I have Problem with buffering all the time. I bought a new wifi router. A new lightning cable and I have strong Wi-Fi I have LG tv why problem???

  7. I have to keep sending the url to app on my firestick. If I turn the fire stick off the app will not remember the url. I have ticked the check box to allow the site to store url online.

  8. Hi
    I have a problem EPG
    Many channels that the archive does not show, I asked the provider, they said to write to the developer.

  9. App not working All channels are gone I tried to add a new subscription every time it fails to connect and says to me. I’m trying to restore the channels, I can’t, he tells me to go visit the support, I have turned it off and on more than once. This is nonsense and terrible, I just lost the subscription.

  10. Hi, had smart iptv app on my android box last year and decided to get rid of it. However I decided to try it again recently and tried to download it again. When I put in my mac address I get the message that I already have the app. Can I download it again?

  11. Bom dia. Tenho uma Smart TV LG já com 8 anos (Mod. 32LB570ZB). Instalei a app Smart IPTV com uma lista m3u. Inicialmente funcionou tudo bem. Passados 2 dias, muitos canais não abrem, ficando apenas a informação “connecting” ou “stream error”. Como posso resolver isto? Com outra app? Já me falaram também em codecs mas a TV tem a última actualização… Obrigado.

  12. Good Morning. I have an 8-year-old LG Smart TV (Mod. 32LB570ZB). I installed the Smart IPTV app with an m3u list. Initially everything worked fine. After 2 days, many channels do not open, leaving only the information “connecting” or “stream error”. How can I resolve this? With another app? I’ve also been told about codecs but the TV has the latest update… Thank you.

    1. Hi
      To find out if it’s an issue with app or device, you can try to test the line with same internet on another device like a PC or Smartphone.

  13. Hi
    I need some help with the Smart IPTV app for my Samsung TV (8 Series).
    When I start the app the message come up with “server upload connection timeout” which it normally does and the squares goes around. It takes a minute or so before the next screen comes up with “Channel list” and the squares continue to move. Then I get the Channel list for the specific country I have chosen. When I then click the channel I want to watch the screen then becomes first black, then it says connecting at the bottom, and here is the issue, then its like it disconnect to the app and I get back to the Samsung TV channel or Rakuten channel.
    If I then click on the Smart IPTV app again it opens up but shortly after it disconnects again and gets back to the Samsung tv Channel.
    I have tried to:
    Uninstall and install the app again
    Cut the power to the tv
    Deleted the MU3 playlist and installed it again
    Changed the DNS on the TV from 8 8 8 8 to 1 1 1 1 and back again
    Reinstall the app on my Samsung TV but I get an error code 52 so thats not possible.

    When I uninstall and install the app again I can get to the Channel list and select a channel but it disconnects every time.

    I have also tried to go to VOD premier movies. Here I could select a movie and it started to play but when I went back to the channels list it disconnected the app again.

    I have another Samsung TV (6 Series) where the app and the same MU3 link works perfectly.

    It seems like there is a bug in the app since 1 week back. I have used the app for approx 4 years without problems but since 1 week this problem appeared so I cant watch tv on that tv.
    What can I do to fix this?

    1. Smart IPTV app has many issues recently.
      Why didn’t you try other applications like IPTV Smarters, Smart STB or SS IPTV?

  14. Hi. My URL cant upload to I have tried deleting it and add it back by URL. however still not worked. It was working fine until a power outage happened and the TV restarted. After that Smart IPTV app keep giving message no playlist uploaded!

  15. Me han baneado la ip. carga la lista pero luego da error stream.
    Quiero que me la liberen. mi lista funciona perfectamente en otros dispositivos

  16. Hello,

    Smart IPTV on X96q is not working.
    Loading and then IPTV “Outdated Link” stands there.

    Any suggestions what to do?

    Thank you.

  17. Dear all,
    Pls. advice how can I get the operating Smart IPTV if it does not work.
    I have uploaded file for TIZEN OS and installed it on my Samsung TV. The interface of Smart IPTV shows that my MAC is activated and I should send play list (there is no any play lists), but I send the play lists (different )many time and it is not working. I have reset the TV as well. Pls. help me to understand the problem.Thanks

  18. how do we solve the problem if the TV channels work for me and the one I paid for is called Answer

  19. I have a tv box android with iptv when I connect it to my son-in-law everything just works, if I unplug it there and then connect it to me I get nothing no connection. what could be the problem thanks in advance

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