The M3U url Problems

We are going to give you some recommendation to troubleshoot M3U url problem in IPTV services.
What is M3U url?

M3U url Troubleshoot

1 – First of all, you need to check if the M3U url is correct or not.
Need to check the url addressusername and password.

The progressive IPTV providers give you a dashboard which you can check your M3U url details in dashboard.
Better to generate your M3U url in dashboard again to be sure everything is fine with it.

If you don’t have access to any dashboard system by your IPTV provider, you can test the M3U url in a browser to check it.
Copy/Paste the M3U url in a browser (in a PC or Smartphone), then press enter.
If the M3U file starts to download so it is correct, and if not you need to check M3U details with your IPTV provider.

Note: Also you need to check if the M3U url blocked by IPTV provider or not. IPTV provider will block the line if you use the it in more than allowed devices in a same time.
(If you have dashboard from your IPTV provider you can check this by running diagnosis option for the url)

2 – After become sure the M3U url is correct, try to Reload the url once again in your application.
Usually this will solve the problem.

3 – In the next step if still have problem, try to test the M3U url in another device and application.
One of the best reference software is VLC in a computer.
How to setup VLC?
You have many other options too.
Other application you can use.
For example if you are facing trouble with the M3U url in Smart TV with Smart IPTV application.
You need to test it in VLC (Computer) or GSE (Smartphone), if the M3U url works in these software now you need to test the line in another application in your Smart TV e.g. Smart STB or SSIPTV application.
How to setup Smart STB?
How to setup SSIPTV?
If you see that M3U url works fine in other applications so the problem is from the application you used.

4 – In the last step after check everything need to contact the IPTV provider support to check the M3U url.

Some helpful tips:

  • Always better to use M3U url and do not use the Static M3U file to have all new updates.
  • Do not share your M3U url details in any public place.

Please do not hesitate to ask your question in the comments if you need any further help.

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  1. Hi
    Can not set me up as a new user on iptvsmarters.
    Have followed you tutural without success.
    The m3u file url function fine on SIPTV.
    Greatful for assistans

  2. I renewed my account but I have not an active address of M3u, what should I do? I tried on other applications but also does not work.

  3. Hi,
    I’m in Thailand and try to us my IPTV. When I use the hotel Wi-Fi or the Thai SIM card it is not working. But when I use my Swedish SIM card the IPTV works fine. I use the GSE app on my iPhone. Any ideas what’s wrong?

  4. I am an IPTV Smarters pro user. When I click on the app it asks for my user name and password. I know my user name but have forgotten my password. When I click on the “Forgot my user name box” I get a 404 error message.
    What do I have to do to reset my password?
    Thanking me in advance for your assistance

  5. Hi..
    I have m3u file which contains sport channels. It works on iptv pro and televizo apps on Android, and works on vlc, simple TV and progdvb apps on PC running windows. But unfortunately it is not working on SSiptv or ottplayer on LG smart TV. Kindly sort the problem and help me to fix it.
    Many thanks in advance.

  6. Hi Admin….
    Thanks for your reply. Many other m3u files are working fine on iptv
    apps on LG smart TV, but this special m3u file is not. while it is working fine on all iptv apps on Android and PC running Windows.

  7. Hi Admin…
    I have tested this special m3u file on SS iptv and OTT player with no success. I started to think that this m3u file was created to work on Android and PC applications rather than on smart TV applications.
    PS. If you like I may upload the m3u file for you to test at your convenience.

  8. My url has a red line and I can’t get it to work. I bought another code, and that one works.
    The problem is that the one being blocked is valid for 11 months. Can you reopen ore move credits to new line?

  9. I cant login. No password login is unavaolable. May be forgot my password. I need to login to copy my url list. My registered mail account is this. Thanks in advance

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